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Le CAUE / Traduction


Advisory service in Architecture, Town and Country Planning and Environment

> information and advice to inhabitants. Contact : contact@caue45.fr


In 1977, the law on Architecture created the “Conseils d’Architecture d’Urbanisme et de l’Environnement”, authorising each County Council in France to set up its own “CAUE”.
The purpose of the CAUE is to provide free advisory services for private individuals and local communities, intending to build, plan or transform a “space”, as well as to raise people’s awareness, including children, about architectural, town planning and environmental issues.
Each CAUE comprises a multidisciplinary technical team of architects, town planners, lansdcape architects, geographers and environmentalists.


Information and advice for individuals

Free advisory service for private individuals intending to build or transform their house.

Advice and services for communities

The CAUE advise mayors and their town councils on scheduling the reorganization or development of their community.
This free advisory service is completed by regular leaflets, exhibitions, visits...

Awareness of children

Through visits, projects, models and educational games..., school children are encouraged to look at their surroundings, their own cities or houses, in order to gain an understanding of architecture, their urban spaces environment, and landscape.

Training for professionals and students

Some assistance or training sessions are provided for architects, local council employees, and students.

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